Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Elyona

Today Elyona turned 12 years old. Being at the beach made her birthday extra special. She has gotten old enough now to just want money. The things she really wants are too much for just a birthday gift so she has to save her money for the big girl stuff. We went to eat at a nice place tonight and daddy took her snorkeling earlier today. Last SUnday night we had a party so that Katerri could be here with us. She wanted a Twilight cake, so I made one. It was red velvet with black icing. Everyone had a black mouth and we all looked gothic. What happened to the nice, pink icing with rainbow sprinkles?

So much has changed with her this past year. It is really hard to think about what is to come. She has started enjoying the company of me and daddy and adults more and more. She is growing up. She enjoys e-mailing all her friends, which are mostly made up of people at least 10 years older than she. I feel like she needs to slow down. This is all happening too fast. She has traded in Winnie the Pooh for Twilight, Highlights for Pride and Prejudice, playing in the sprinklers for checking out MY facebook account (which she wants one but I am holding off for a while). 12 years old, wow. She is already dabbing on a bit of make-up, and wanting to dress "cool". Tonight at dinner she was too old to eat off the children's menu. She was thrilled, I almost cried. She wants to constantly read, see, and try new things and I am constantly saying "no" because like I said, this is just all happening to fast. I want her to be happy and enjoy life but life's pleasures from now on seems to bring with them responsibility and consequences that I want to protect her from. For example, I let her read some of Twilight and now she is a junkie. Do I remove it completely or let her dive in. We decided to just dabble with her. I read It to her leaving out those things that are unfitting for a little girl. I can handle these little ones because I know how to make them happy, they are simple. But what if when they get bigger it takes more and more of this world to make them happy. It will be part my fault because I know I have shown them a false love for this world and not enough of a true love for the One to come. 12, I guess she is getting to the point soon where her salvation will have to work itself out and that can sometimes be a scary thing to watch, especially being a mama.

But with growing up in our home, responsibility grows evermore. Elyona is always up for that challenge and passes with flying colors. Here in the next few years if any of you need a good babysitter, house cleaner, someone to do your laundry then she is your girl.

Elyona, you are a beautiful young girl. I am a bit afraid of our new adventure while you are growing into a woman but we can do it. Always remember to be strong in the Lord and seek Him diligently. Read the Word, pray, and learn how to trust in the Lord. Let Jesus become a part of all your decisions and let him make you in who you will become. Mama and Daddy will sometimes fail you and may not always make the best decisions for you. Start practicing looking beyond mama and daddy to Jesus for he will never fail you. I am so proud of who you are so far and am looking forward to what is in store.

Happy Birthday Baby,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Catching Up

Wow It has been a long time since my last post. Let me take time and just do a bit of catching up.

Judson has learned to walk, talk and be silly. He loves to dance around the room at night after bible time and make everyone laugh. He is such a funny boy. He loves to go outside, ride the lawnmower, and take a bath with John Mark (but not Jadon). He is not a little baby any more but a toddler. I am already feeling like my arms are empty but so far it's OK.

John Mark is a big boy. He loves Sesame Street and World World. Of course he has to watch those when we do school just to have something to do. Its a little difficult right now with him because he is not in school so he doesn't get much attention during the day. We try to have a date once a week so that I can spend a bit of time with just him. He loves that.

Jadon is in Kindergarden and is doing wonderful. He is very easy to teach and can do most of his work with just a little teaching. Thanks to daddy, he is a superhero fanatic. His favorite is Hulk. He is very fashion savvy. He loves to dress himself, John Mark, and Judson every morning. He lays their clothes out every night. It is so cute. He is going to start soccer this year. Fun Fun.

All the girls are doing good in school. Some are great students, others are average and must work very hard to maintain good grades. Our homeschooling has been transformed this year. We have changed to a computer based program called Switched On Schoolhouse for most subjects. Basically, the computer is the teacher and I am just the parent who encourages them in what the have to do and learn. We study for test and work on assignments together but the teaching and school requirements are initiated by the "computer school" and not me. I just do not have time to be creative enough to be wife, mother and teacher to so many grades. This has been such a blessing because I can still homeschool but so much pressure has been taken off me and put on the children. Before if they didn't get something it was because I didn't give it to them or teach it well enough. Now if they don't do well, it is because they didn't apply themselves well. They all will play soccer this season. We will have 5 playing in all, WHEW.

Eric has a different job at Honda now. Instead of working assembly which is very tiring on the body he is now working in quality. It is still hard work and more stressful but not the repetitive motions he used to do for 7 years. He come home the other day and was so excited because he didn't break a sweat that day. He works so hard for us.

I have been laying low these past few months. I found myself constantly having more to do than I had time for. I reevaluated and discovered how many things I was doing that God had not called me to. Good things, no doubt but, just not the things that God had called me to. SO, I made a list and narrowed my life down. Life is much less stressful and so much more fulfilling when I lay my head down at night with the peace that I have been working on the things God has called me to and not those things that are just life "fillers". Blogging, facebook, phone calls and such just didn't make my list. Eric, my children, my walk, hospitality, prayer, and church did. Jesus accomplished everything that the Father had given him to do, so maybe if I try to stick to the things that God has given me to do then maybe I will to.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary-Grace

June 3rd was actually Mary-Grace's big day. She is now 7. How has Mary-Grace changed this past year? HMM. She now has "big" teeth to go with her big smile, successfully completed 1st grade, and is able to ride a bike without training wheels. She still, however, can't pronounce her 'R' sounds. We kinda like that though and we will be sad when her tongue catches up with her brain.

Mary- Grace is the most spunky child that I have. She has a bit of Bailey in her but has her own little spunky twist to it. She has a huge imagination that she probably gets from rooming with Annalee. She still plays dress up, sings loud, and needs mama's loving every night. She is a hard worker around the house and a big help with the boys. She is a picky eater and is always in the kitchen around cooking time to be certain of all the ingredients.

Birthday celebrations for her were delayed until this coming week when Eric and I take her out on a date after a family party. We went camping Thursday thru today. She was thrilled to be camping with the Henry's and Harmon's. We had a great time swimming, fishing, karaoke, late nights by the campfire and chocolate chip pancakes on the griddle early morning. The kids literally swam 4-6 hours a day. Of course there were the "Davis bloopers" that we can't live without. John-Mark fed Judson a worm, a long, fat, and slimey worm. We found half on his highchair tray, remnants in his teeth and the rest must have been swallowed. Jadon fell asleep in an inner tube in the middle of the lake. He had been swimming for hours so when he finally found a comfortable place he was out like a light. I figured it was worth it just to tread water beside him to make sure he didn't fall through so that he could get in a good nap than to risk waking him up and hoping he would go back to sleep in the tent. The weather was perfect. Camping with a LARGE family is a hard task but it is so worth it. Jimpaw always encourages us to make memories and I believe that camping with our friends and family will always be a good memory.

This wraps up all the birthdays until September. I just watch them as they all grow up too fast. One day I am excited to show Elyona how to put on a little eye shadow, Annalee how to send an e mail, Mary-Grace how to change a diaper and Judson how to walk. Other days I want it all to just stop and enjoy my little children forever. Enjoy their little problems, their little fears, and their little world. But life flies by so we will just "make memories"

Here is my interview with Mary-Grace

Favorite color?...yellow
Favorite food? cream
Favorite thing to do?...swim
Favorite song?...Holy, Holy, Holy
Favorite toy? baby doll
Favorite game to play?...Wii bowling
Favorite movie?...Barbie in the Princess and the Pauper
Best day of the week?...Sunday
Least favorite chore?...Bathroom
Best friend?...Chloe, Autumn, Isabelle, and Hannah-Grace
Favorite animal? horse
Best day ever?...going to Six Flags with the Swinneys

Happy Birthday Greater Luv
I Love you

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jadon

Today is Jadon's 5th birthday. My little man is growing up. He was disappointed when he woke up because he thought that he would be bigger. He kept saying all day "am I 5 yet?". Finally, after being convinced that he was 5 and no longer 4, he started to cry because he was the same size. Today's birthday had its ups and downs. First of all Bailey and Annalee were sick so that meant that his big birthday party with all the cousins was off. Second, he didn't grow 5 inches overnight. But we partied anyhow. He wanted a Prince Caspian birthday cake. We got him a Spiderman bike and some $2 army men. Guess what the favorite gift was. Oh yeah, the army men were a big hit. Since he was 3 he has been waiting to turn 5 so that he could spend the night with Carly. Tonight he remembered that promise and is anxiously waiting for a chance.

Jadon is a mama's boy. He loves to be loved on. I think that he will be the type that even when he is 20 will come crawl in my lap for some lovin'. Of course that is just fine with me. Jadon enjoys being outside, jumping on the trampoline, action figures, monster trucks, and singing. He is athletic. Although, it may just be that after all these girls, Eric and I just have tons of hope, but he seems to have potential. He has been dribbling a basketball since he was 2. He can throw a great spiral and has been swimming since birth.

Jadon is a special little boy. There is something extraordinary about your firstborn son.

Happy Birthday Man
I love you

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bathtubs and Birthdays

We have so many birthdays on both sides of our family. You can imagine how overwhelming birthday parties can be, especially for grandparents. To make it easier on mamaw we decided to just have 1 party a month (Sunday afternoons) at her house so she can celebrate the grandkids' birthdays. Believe it or not we have a birthday in every month except December. This is also a chance to get the family together once a month for a good meal, some fellowship, horses, go-carts and zip-lines. May is Annalee, Chloe and Jadon's month. This is what goes on on my side of the family. Now with Eric's gang, we have pool parties and ride golf carts and four wheelers. My extended family is huge and I would not have it any other way. Birthday parties are just an excuse that we have to get to be with the people that we love. When I was a child, I always wanted siblings my age, or a nearby friend that was a walk away, or cousins that lived close by. When ever I did get to have a fun filled day with children, if we were swimming, riding bikes, or playing ball, it was remembered for a long while. Those days were far and few for me but my children experience this life style daily. Can you imagine growing up in a household with 6 other playmates and your best friends were your 15 cousins that were a short drive away. That is my children's life and it sounds like a good one to me. They still complain though. Just last night we had a "talkin to" about not being thankful and content. They always want more. More spend the nights, more friends over, more candy, more ice cream, more TV, more, more, more. They sound like me, "I want a bigger house"," I want a camper"," I want to go to Disney"," I want to adopt." None of us can ever have enough HUH?

This week John Mark has started being a terror. An unpredictable terror. He insists on going into my bathroom and squeezing all my toothpaste out on everything, walls, floor and Tuesday it was in his and Judson's hair. Wednesday he dumped my garbage down my toilet. Thursday at 4:30am Eric caught him in the closet having opened up and pulled out all the diapers, all the wipes, all the Q-tips, and all the drawers. He crawled onto the counter and poured coffee grounds into the coffee maker where water is supposed to be poured. He has started taking out every apple and taking a bite out of each one of them. Yesterday he dumped all the bath water onto the floor. The deal is that this is not like him. You know when you can usually predict what they will and won't do. Well this is very unpredictable. You may say "where were you when he was pouring the water out?" Well, normally he would just sit and play so I was dressing Judson. I don't know where I have been during his adventures but who can predict that a 2 year old will get up at 4:30am to destroy his closet. He seems to be better today. Hopefully his exploring phase has passed, or has been "corrected" out of him.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Annalee

Her actual birthday was yesterday May 1. Her big day will be celebrated in a variety of ways. Last night the Henrys came and spent the night. We made cupcakes and watched a movie. Next week we will have another small party with mamaw and Mady Henry, her best friend since birth, then a trip to town for some Maggie Moos. YUMMY. Of course the big blow out isn't until closer to Mary-Grace's birthday in June. I will reveal all secrets later but just know for now it is going to be huge...22 little girls huge.

Before I had Annalee I always wondered what her little personality would be like. Elyona was the typical first born pleaser, while Bailey was the demanding, second born fire ball. Where would Annalee fit into that mixture. Well, just as God intended...perfectly. She is and was the most mild mannered child ever. Of all 7 she is the most easy going. As a baby we could put her in any situation and she would adapt. She is the same way now, very laid back and goes with the flow type of girl. But that is her life here on earth with us common folk. Most of the time Annalee is actually in another world that usually consists of princess and castles with a fairy godmother and, of course, a prince. She lives in la la land most of the time. If we are doing school, she is drawing ball gowns, if we are cleaning, then she is Cinderella singing with the mice. If we are watching American Idol she is pondering her own stage show that she would perform. But she is not a performer. Very seldom does she ask me to watch her do or perform anything. We have to catch her in front of the bathroom mirror or outside by herself. Her enjoyment in her pretend performances isn't for any one's enjoyment but her own. She can remember lines from movies like they were etched in her brain the first time she heard them. She can remember songs with ease. She cannot, however, remember her times tables.
I interviewed her for this blog so I could get some details. This blog time about Annalee is actually good for me because it makes me think about her. She is the one of all 7 that will go unnoticed by me. It's nice at times but it is also sad. She doesn't demand my attention so she doesn't get much of it. She is so worthy of it too. She is a precious child. Here is my interview.

Name : Annalee Jordan Davis
Birthday : May 1 2000
favorite color : dark pink
favorite movie: all Barbie movies
favorite song: My Heart Will Go On
favorite singer: Carrie Underwood
favorite actor/tress: Miley Cyrus
favorite bible character: Esther and Paul
favorite Disney character: Ariel
favorite food: Pasta
favorite restaurant: Olive Garden
favorite friend: Mady Henry
favorite ice cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
what do you want to be when you grow up? teacher
what do you want for your birthday? American Girl Doll outfits
best day ever: Going camping with the Harmon's when we swam all day.
Favorite thing to do? swimming and eating

Happy 9th Birthday My Princess

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Judson!!!

Today is Judson's first birthday. We are all excited about planning his first birthday party. Although 1st birthdays are always very special, I try not to make too much out of the 1st birthday gift. I mean, I have others that want American Girl dolls and Nintendo ds games in just a few weeks for their birthdays so, I try to be wise and not go over board when I don't have to. But my dear children thought it was a disgrace that I was not planning on getting the little guy anything. They decided to help me out a little. They knew that I wanted to get him a wagon so they got a jar and labeled it "Judson's First Wagon Fund" . They have collected $52, with the help of Maw Maw and Daddy. So we are off in the morning to get Judson his first wagon. His party will be shared with cousin Elijah whos birthday is April 5th.

Judson is still such a baby. I remember Elyona's first birthday. She was a little girl, walking around, talking, and such. She was also a soon to be big sister with Bailey's arrival being just a few weeks away. Judson is nothing like that, he is our baby. I bet when he is 21 he will still be mama's baby boy.