Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Elyona

Today Elyona turned 12 years old. Being at the beach made her birthday extra special. She has gotten old enough now to just want money. The things she really wants are too much for just a birthday gift so she has to save her money for the big girl stuff. We went to eat at a nice place tonight and daddy took her snorkeling earlier today. Last SUnday night we had a party so that Katerri could be here with us. She wanted a Twilight cake, so I made one. It was red velvet with black icing. Everyone had a black mouth and we all looked gothic. What happened to the nice, pink icing with rainbow sprinkles?

So much has changed with her this past year. It is really hard to think about what is to come. She has started enjoying the company of me and daddy and adults more and more. She is growing up. She enjoys e-mailing all her friends, which are mostly made up of people at least 10 years older than she. I feel like she needs to slow down. This is all happening too fast. She has traded in Winnie the Pooh for Twilight, Highlights for Pride and Prejudice, playing in the sprinklers for checking out MY facebook account (which she wants one but I am holding off for a while). 12 years old, wow. She is already dabbing on a bit of make-up, and wanting to dress "cool". Tonight at dinner she was too old to eat off the children's menu. She was thrilled, I almost cried. She wants to constantly read, see, and try new things and I am constantly saying "no" because like I said, this is just all happening to fast. I want her to be happy and enjoy life but life's pleasures from now on seems to bring with them responsibility and consequences that I want to protect her from. For example, I let her read some of Twilight and now she is a junkie. Do I remove it completely or let her dive in. We decided to just dabble with her. I read It to her leaving out those things that are unfitting for a little girl. I can handle these little ones because I know how to make them happy, they are simple. But what if when they get bigger it takes more and more of this world to make them happy. It will be part my fault because I know I have shown them a false love for this world and not enough of a true love for the One to come. 12, I guess she is getting to the point soon where her salvation will have to work itself out and that can sometimes be a scary thing to watch, especially being a mama.

But with growing up in our home, responsibility grows evermore. Elyona is always up for that challenge and passes with flying colors. Here in the next few years if any of you need a good babysitter, house cleaner, someone to do your laundry then she is your girl.

Elyona, you are a beautiful young girl. I am a bit afraid of our new adventure while you are growing into a woman but we can do it. Always remember to be strong in the Lord and seek Him diligently. Read the Word, pray, and learn how to trust in the Lord. Let Jesus become a part of all your decisions and let him make you in who you will become. Mama and Daddy will sometimes fail you and may not always make the best decisions for you. Start practicing looking beyond mama and daddy to Jesus for he will never fail you. I am so proud of who you are so far and am looking forward to what is in store.

Happy Birthday Baby,


Jessica said...

what a beautiful post for a beautiful young lady!

I don't think I could handle mine growing up either...I would want it to slow down too =)

Happy Birthday Elyona!

katerri krebs said...

That is one of the sweetest post. I have tears.

Praying for you Ely, that you grow up to be a God fearing woman, with a gentle and quiet spirit in Christ.

Love you guys!!